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dc. Maurizio Serafini

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Oral Implantology

Complete Oral Rehabilitation, Treatment Multidiscipinare

Complete Oral Rehabilitation, Treatment Multidiscipinare
Author Dr. Maurizio Serafini

It presents to our observation of the Pz 55 years old, with a fixed prosthesis made in metal resin no longer fair, in the maxilla, while in the lower the clinical case was somewhat compromised by both several caries in the collar of incisors, which bone loss in the quadrants rear, to right presents a large crater with rizolisi for the apical granuloma of 4.8, while to left are borne rizolisi complete by 3.7 as Rx.

The Photos 1-2 we shows, the initial clinical situation at the level of the mucous elements dental waste.

He proceeded with the reclamation of items no longer useful, below, and bone graft at the level of the crater, the fig.3 shows us the healing.

The study in 3D for the upper arch photos 4-5-6-7 we suggested a one-to-one immediate load implant, with split-crest crestal sinus and upward in the rear quadrants.

After waxing diagnostics we have put a temporary prosthesis with reinforcement,
photo 8

Once the old prosthesis was removed, Photo 6, objective signs of tissue soft tissue pain, in fact, the mucosa showed hypertrophic granulation tissue and pillars destroyed, Fig.9.

In Fig.10 we can see the incisal root avulsion, in order to address implant rehabilitation post-extraction

After the blood sample to obtain the PRP (Plasma rich in Platelets) fig.11-12,

we added 6 plants immediate load and 3 other deferred load, because as you can see from Fig. 13,

the thickness of bone is a few millimeters and then was applied as split-crest and the crestal sinus lift, as shown in Figure 14-15

Autologous and banking bone grafting, fig 16-17.

Fig.18 Suture

Figure 19: X-ray post-surgery

Figure 20: Temporary prosthesis pacement in situ.

While waiting for the time of osseointegration biological, plans surgeries for the lower arch, deciding to keep the incisors and premolars of Sin., Fig.21-22.

Proceeds to the root canal treatment of teeth and assemble the pivot gold alloy abutments fig. 23

Fig 24-25 Short Implants allocated and loaded.

After about six months for the upper arch and four for the lower, it prepares the final prosthesis, fig. 26-27-28