"A healthy mouth, makes a pleasant and functional
social message positive and reassuring."

dc. Maurizio Serafini


New Concept of maxillary sinus lift through a new implant dedicated: "2s Implant"

The method which I created and use in my daily routine, its a Soft-Surgery approach. The access can be made through an operculum or a mucoperiosteal flap, followed by an invitation to the alveolar crestal bone with a drill using different size burs and to avoid the breaking of the floor of the sinus and tearing of the Schneiderian membrane, is important to stop a few millimeters from it. Follows the placement of the implant, 2s implant.
The insertion of the implant will produce a progressive fracture of the sinus floor by lifting it together with the membrane, preventing the breakage of the membrane, with a noninvasive procedure.

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