"A healthy mouth, makes a pleasant and functional
social message positive and reassuring."

dc. Maurizio Serafini

Dental Center

The Dental Center is located in Chieti, Address: Via Caduti sul Lavoro, 37 and is capable of resolving all the branches of dentistry: Conservative, aesthetic dentistry (veneers, zirconia-ceramic crowns, whitening) endodontics terapy, prostodontics fixed and mobile, fixed orthodontics, esthetic, invisible, myo-functional therapy intercepted, Kinesiology for postural disorders, conscious sedation, Surgery: Periodontal, implant, in particular, the immediate load implant one to one, maxillo-facial surgery: Split-crest, Sinus Floor Elevation Surgery and soft tissue surgery.

3D Implant program, is the flagship that provides us with all the relevant informations for the reconstruction of the structure and bone density, by a dental-scan as photos:

This Center is equipped with all the most modern electrical equipment that is now available commercially.
It counts of seven different units divided by departments: lounge & reception, oral hygiene and orthodontic, conservative room, operating room, X-ray room, sterilization room, video- conference room , see photo:


The sedative Analgesia is a mixture of oxygen and a percentages of nitrous oxide in order to achieve the full sedation of the patient. It s the most innovative and revolutionary technology introduced in Italy in the recent years and is winning increasing numbers of patients and dentists.

Sedative analgesia modifies the relationship between the patient and the dentist, so that the person is seen as not only an individual in need of care but also as an patient that necessary requires of tranquility and serenity in order to better understand and evaluate the importance of clinical operations.

Analgesia Sedativa Analgesia Sedativa Its the worry about the psychological aspect of patient care that cannot be overlooked and should not provide grounds for refusal to work to do. The concept of Global Quality becomes an integral part of modern dentistry characterized by an overly competitive market.


Always if necessary at all for any intervention. Operations more invasive and bloody, or even the longest, are the most frightened and most patients requiring sedation. But even in the easier cases, sometimes only from the viewpoint of the dentist, stay the mood of the patient receiving this treatment.

  • Oral hygiene where the patient feels, if not great pain, certainly a great nuisance if not performed under anesthesia.

  • The taking of the dental impression, because it eliminates the gag reflex.

  • In courettage where the sensitivity of the teeth or gingival inflammation makes it difficult to go in depth, without causing pain.

  • In the Phases of survey of periodontal pockets.

  • The maintenance of hygiene in Periodontal and Implantology, so important for the success of the treatment and of course for invasive operations that worry the patient.